Do You Have the Discipline of Working from Home

Working from home sounds exciting.

You are a master of your own time.

You can work when you want to.

You can literally work in your pajamas and at your convenience.

You have more time for your family and pursuing other hobbies.

But that said, do you have it what it takes to work from home.

In fact, motivating yourself for working from home is often a big ask.

Working from HomeYou have to get yourself on a proper schedule and stick to it.

Self-discipline is one of the most important traits if you want to make it great working from home.

For staying on top of the game, you need to create certain short-term and long-term goals.

Those will help you work with a target in mind.

Falling prey to bad habits is quite easy.

But this is where the discipline comes to play.

Motivation Is Crucial

Working from home needs focus, concentration and time.

In many ways, it is like bringing up children.

You cannot be lax even for a second.

Remind yourself about the key objective, why you started working from home.

Now try and follow that every possible time.

Without proper motivation, you will soon lose purpose and meaning.

At all times, make sure that you have the drive intact.

After all, there is no boss here constantly asking for your work.

The will to fare better and stay on top is the only factor that will drive you.

So before you actually go ahead and quit your regular job, introspect well.

Make sure you can handle the challenge well.

Take a plunge into working from home only then.

Unlike a regular office commitment, you have to take your own responsibility.

Your duty does not end the moment you step out of the office.

So you have to ensure that you are able to balance this effectively.

It is almost like losing weight and fixing an exercise schedule.

You know that you need to work out.

But the hard part is often getting up the moment the alarm buzzes and get ready for the workout.

Even through the day, you will have to follow a diet regime.

Often you have to avoid sugar and other food groups that add to your weight.

Think about how you drive yourself.

You create targets and bit by bit meet them.

Similarly, you will have to do the same in this case.

You have to create targets and meet them bit by bit.

After a point, it becomes part of the practice, and you will be able to do it without a problem.

Are You Okay With No Or Minimum Interaction?

Think about what office stands for you.

It is never just about the job or the salary only.

You have friends there and colleagues who become like family.

You are used to spending time with them and hang out on weekends.

Even when you are talking, you chat in between, go out for lunch.

But all of this will change when you start working from home.

You are pretty much on your own at home.

Apart from the occasional maid or the kids coming and going for their numerous engagement, it is lonely.

It is you and your laptop.

At best, you will have your mobile phone and some whatsApp chat as a company.

The question is, are you okay dealing with this?

Your day to day human interaction comes down drastically.

You are not traveling to work either.

You are not meeting people or bumping into them that regularly.

The question is, can you handle that?

The problem is people think they will manage, but often it becomes quite difficult.

When you are spending days on end not talking to anyone, it can be tiring.

Your spouse or kids may not have that much spare time with them.

When they are home, they might be too tired and may not chat with you for very long.

Think clearly and deeply how you will be dealing with this situation.

The need for a comprehensive solution is important.

For example, I realized no human interaction is rather suffocating for me.

So I made a schedule and lined up calls with friends and family members in between work as a break.

I also started taking regular walks in the park in the morning and evening.

That addressed the issue primarily for me.

Are You Following A Strict Routine

This is one of the most important requisites of working from home.

Just because you don’t have to go to the office, doesn’t mean that you wake up late.

Make a timetable and create strict working hours.

Make sure that you are not late for yourself.

A late start inevitably means a cut in the overall efficiency level.

It may come across as a cliché, but routine is actually your most trustworthy friend.

The timetable should include everything from lunch breaks to tea, mention every detail.

Working from home sometimes means welcoming unexpected guests.

But be firm and polite with everyone around you.

Let them know about your schedule and availability.

That way, no one will disturb you at inappropriate hours.

If you have small kids at home, even they need to be trained effectively.

Right from the time my son was a toddler, I conveyed the message that he cannot disturb me while working.

I will agree it takes time, but it did happen.

Gradually, he understood that work is necessary.

So, he would sit next to me and do his homework or play games.

Deciding where you work is also another element of this discipline.

A proper table with ergonomic chairs improves your focus and enhances productivity.

It also keeps your concentration on, and you can work with greater details.

Also, it gives you greater leeway to store your work-related files in a proper way.

You can allocate an appropriate place and keep it off-limits for children.

How To Resist Temptation?

When I talk of a strict routine while working from home, it is primarily to tackle temptation.

You have to understand that temptations can be myriad.

From a mid-morning movie to take a sudden day off, the range is huge.

But you have to decide what or how much can you afford.

Often that will go on to decide how effectively you can work from home.

Often a routine gives you a certain objective or target to work towards.

But the question is how can you stick to it without any break?

So, you need to command intense self-discipline to ensure that you are not doing anything besides work.

Just like in the office, your work time needs to be sacrosanct.

You cannot shortchange it for absolutely anything in the world.

Even if it catching up on your favorite soap on TV or seeing a recording of last night’s match, no one is here to say no.

You have to exercise that discipline on you.

Convince yourself that you can watch it only after your work is over.

Don’t succumb to the temptation of taking a sudden break in between.

Experience taught me that this is harder than it appears.

But slow and steadily you ultimately get there.

Be honest to your work and your own conscience.

That will make sure that you do not compromise on the work.

A lot of people thrive in the lack of accountability that work from home offers.

But for many, that becomes the bane of their existence.

But this is a unique situation.

No one can help you better than you yourself.

For each one of us, the approach might be different.

Think for yourself.

Decide what works better and implement that to resist the temptation of all types.

How To Handle Stress?

Working from home is a lot of fun.

You are your own master, but at the same time, you are the only one accountable.

So come whatever, you will have to be prepared to take the brickbat as well as the appreciation.

So you have to toughen yourself mentally.

Not all your clients will like what you do.

They will want changes and even criticize your understanding.

But you have to be patient and cool.

It is possible that some changes are possible while some might compromise with your ethos.

So simply take a call and communicate calmly.

If you want to be successful working from home, you have to deal patiently.

You cannot stress about issues and work towards finding out plausible solutions.

Simply stick to your schedule and make the best possible effort.

Another stress point when you are working from home is respecting hours.

Just because you are working from home, does not mean you will work as long as required.

Try and restrict yourself with the pre-decided schedule.

Make sure that you are not working the entire day.

Explain the same to clients if required.

If you keep working for extended hours for too long, it also triggers stress.

Moreover, it also impacts your creative instincts and productivity.

So it is necessary to maintain the balance.

That is what will ensure that you work without tension and deliver on point.

Often, managing this type of stress can be an uphill task.

But if you want to make sustainable gains, this is crucial.

Don’t forget that most times people want to cut down the stress by choosing to work from home.

So that is a primary objective that you will have to always keep in mind.

Marketing Yourself

Think about how a product is priced and marketed on a daily basis.

It needs to be available when you are looking for it, and it has to be good quality.

At the same time, affordability is also crucial.

However good a product might be, if it is costly, it will always have limited demand.

So pricing the product is essential.

Simultaneously, the package that is on offer is also important.

It should offer value to the people who are paying for it.

When you are working from home, you become the product too.

You have to actively scout for clients and maintain long-term contracts.

You cannot be satisfied by landing with just one contract.

This is one of the biggest disciplines to master when you work from home.

Just like finishing your assignments within a deadline is important, scouting for new ones is also crucial.

But you have to follow a certain strategy.

You have to understand that work does not come on its own.

You have to look for options and scout for alternatives constantly.

Therefore, create an appropriate profile and ensure you circulate it across potential platforms.

Remain connected with clients and follow up on new projects proactively.

That way, you will be able to get information about top projects with greater ease.

Also, undertake a thorough market survey before you decide on a rate.

The rate that you fix for yourself should not be so high that it deters big clients.

At the same time, if you fix a rate that is too low, it will project a wrong image about you.

People may think that you may not be competent enough.

So, your rate has to be affordable, but at the same time, it can’t be very low.

This balance is crucial.

Upgrading Your Skills

Another interesting thing about working from home is your approach.

Don’t make the mistake of considering yourself as an expert.

On the contrary, always think of yourself as a student, a life-long student.

Remember the need to add value for your clients is crucial.

The only way to achieve this is by constantly upgrading your skills.

Make yourself computer savvy, expand your knowledge base.

You will be able to tackle a lot more topics and subjects.

Access to computer and internet also means you can stay updated about the latest concepts.

Most importantly, stretch the ambit of your learning.

That way, you will be well prepared for a lot more opportunities.

But the beginning of all of it is assessing your own abilities.

You cannot start with the assumption you have nothing left to learn.

On the contrary, you will have to look at yourself as a sponge.

Be open to the latest opportunities and technology.

Often technology and an improved understanding of it creates a better scope of work.

It also opens up brand new avenues for you to explore over a sustained basis.

Learn from how other successful peers are managing.

Strike conversations with them and understand how they are managing their work.

Often these dialogues open up fresh perspective, and you learn from those experiences.

It is quite possible that when you interact with them, you come to know about some unique options.

But all of this only happens when you are open to learning.

The first step in this is accepting you don’t know everything.

That provides you with the appropriate mindset to broaden your horizon.

This mindset is what sets you up for a successful work from home career.


Therefore, discipline is most important for working from home.

It covers every aspect of your schedule from how you approach your work to how you execute.

But most importantly this involves how you motivate yourself.

Work from home is one of those unique concepts that are absolutely self-driven.

Most times people decide to work from home because they want to make a difference in life.

Additionally, they also want to break out of the rut and explore new ground.

But like all new beginnings, it is never easy.

Only self-discipline and well structure routine will help you take your mission forward.

But that said do not doubt your abilities.

Be confident and honest in your effort.

It is possible that you may take time, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

So you have to keep calm and motor ahead for a successful work from home career.

This will help you optimize opportunities while working from home.

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