What Makes You a Good Blogger

Blogging is easy, but not every blogger makes money.

What is that fundamental point that differentiates between a good and a not so good blog?

Well, a good blog is generally the one that churns out steady income.

It helps the blogger realize their passion and make money too.

That brings us to the point about how can you be a good blogger.

You may be writing very well but how can you get that edge?

Well, there is no precise formula in this context.

Different bloggers have a different approach.

But what is almost always striking is the similarity and consistency of performance.

Lucidity of content and its popularity is a key attribute.

But how can you achieve it on a regular basis?

Well, we decided to take note of some of the most striking attributes of good bloggers.

Here is an insight into their world to find out how you can join the bandwagon.

Addressing A Niche

The topics that you choose for your blog is the ultimate game changer.

An effective blogger knows that you will have to identify an appropriate niche.

Given the range and extent of competition, it becomes important to stand out.

BloggerA good blogger is successful in identifying the right niche.

Even when they are addressing socially relevant topics, they understand how to drive the point.

They explore trends and decide on a way to take it to the readers.

The ultimate idea is to use the writing skills to your advantage.

You may be emotional about an issue but do you know how to arouse the same emotion from your readers.

So, successful bloggers are constantly on their toes.

They make sure that the niche they have chosen is well covered.

The regular flow of information on a particular issue is how they can guarantee a steady rise in readership.

They don’t just identify a niche but make sure that they own it too.

That is often the first step in making a difference.

The right niche helps them to build a steady flow of readers.

This also helps a blogger in being able to spread their work far and wide.

For example, we all know that blogs on food space are overflowing.

But instead of regular recipes, a good blogger knows that they must write on breaking food myths.

This is the relatively unexplored arena, and that is what will guarantee a large number of readers.

Yes exactly, that is one of the first advantages of identifying the right niche.

You can almost always be assured of a certain number of readership from the word go.

That way, an effective blogger always starts with an advantage.

That gives them a definitive edge over others.

Consistent Performance

An effective blogger is also consistent.

Even if you understand the pulse of the readers, it does not help if you do not deliver.

The only way to make a blog successful is by ensuring that you have a steady stream of visitors.

More importantly, return visitors.

They act as your ambassadors.

Your writing has the ability to convince them, so as a result, they are then able to spread the message elsewhere.

They are also successful in bringing a steady flow of new readers, who in turn get fresh ones.

That is required, if you are keen on making a blog successful.

As a blogger, you are not just speaking for yourself.

You become the voice of many others who may not be that effective with writing.

They all start connecting with you.

So you have to make sure that your work meets their expectation.

For this, you need regular and consistent initiative.

That is almost the only way; you will be able to generate the desired level of buzz.

Your consistency will also bring respect from readers.

In comparison, an inconsistent blogger frustrates the reader.

They may write something really impressive and then disappear for a long time.

Often the consistency is also seen as a manifestation of your dedication.

Passion Driving Blogs

But have you wondered what can really bring in this dedication?

Often a good blog is nothing but your passion in print.

Whatever the topic might be, a good blogger is invariably passionate about it.

Whether it is social justice or it is classical music, it does not matter.

Passion breeds quality, consistency and undeniable dedication.

So, if you are keen on becoming a good blogger, choose a topic you are passionate about.

It is one thing that makes the task less boring.

But more importantly, it gives you the right type of impetus to carry on.

The beginning is difficult for most bloggers.

But what is it that eggs them to move on?

It is, of course, this passion for the particular topic they choose.

Whatever might be the topic, if you have a passion, you will keep exploring about it.

As a result, passion boosts the learning and understanding about the topic too.

It stirs that inner will to know more, understand more and then spread the knowledge.

Often when you want to make a difference with your blog, this fire is what is necessary.

It kindles the will to overcome the difficulties and push forth.

It also ensures that you will keep looking for new elements.

That is why passion also takes out boredom from your blogs.

Most passionate bloggers can also be identified by the degree of interesting details they churn out every day.

That is only possible when you have the fire within to make a difference.

Passion also instills conviction.

Successful bloggers do understand the value of what they write.

Often it goes on to impact a lot of people.

But if you don’t have conviction, all of it might just fall flat.

So, it is important to be passionate about how you deal with your blog.

Expertise On Subject

But passion alone can’t take you too far if you do not have knowledge to support it.

This is why if you think of blogging, choose the subject carefully.

Choose something that you can talk about consistently and with conviction.

For example, I am a classical dancer.

Dance drives me; I am taking up a variety of courses to improve my understanding.

But I am interested in pottery.

I am always mesmerized how the potter is creating magic simply by turning the wheel around.

So what do you think I should blog about?

As a successful blogger, I know that I should stick to dance and associated topics.

If pottery interests me and I want to blog, I must also improve my know-how.

Only when you have a certain level of expertise, you can talk about the topic with consistency.

It will make sure that you can also engage better with the readers.

It is quite obvious that interested readers will be posting their viewpoints and questions.

To make your blog successful, you need to interact with them.

But all of this is possible only if you are clear about the subject you are dealing with.

Skin deep knowledge or Google search can help you to only a certain level.

Soon your readers will understand that you are not able to provide the depth you are looking for.

Often that is the first step where they start losing interest in your blog.

So, a successful blogger is someone who knows how to play to their strength.

Never underestimate your readers.

They will instantly recognize a potential miss, and that can be your undoing.

So, make sure you are blogging about topics that you can talk with conviction.

Often it is this confidence that reflects prominently in your writing.

Lucidity Of Style

When you consider what can make you a good blogger, remember the flow of writing is crucial.

Your writing style should be such that the reading experience is not labored.

In other words, free-flowing and lucid blogs are the ones that attract maximum viewership.

Almost how a spring flows into a river, the writing flows.

Effortless, deep and thought-provoking, it is the type of writing that stirs your inner soul.

You feel for the topic and your readers experience too.

Apart from emotions, understanding and expertise, there is another factor that brings in lucidity.

It is the choice of words, sentences and grammar.

A good blogger understands that they cannot impress the reader with flowery language and big words for long.

After a point of time, it starts becoming tiring.

Readers often get completely caught in a mesh of complex sentences and miss the point of the blog.

That is why it is important to tone down your write-ups.

Try and keep your content as simple as possible.

Don’t use too many difficult words and keep the tone conversational.

That way, you can also put your readers at ease.

The lucidity of style ensures the ease of two friends talking across a table over a cup of coffee.

That ensures that there is a free and frank exchange of ideas.

That is exactly what you must ensure when you are blogging.

This will encourage readers to comprehend your perspective easily.

They will not have to try too hard to understand what you are saying.

They can easily understand your point and add their perspective on it too.

That is what creates a meaningful dialogue in a blog.

This is what helps in making a blog popular and successful.

Accept Criticism And Improve

However, that does not mean that your blogs will be always perfect.

A good blogger always knows that life is never a bed of roses.

For every encouraging comment, you may get two disturbing ones.

So the question is how do you deal with criticism?

Any type of extreme behavior is a big no here.

You should not be too cowed down by criticism and stick to your conviction.

But at the same time, be open to honest and pertinent criticism.

That will only help you in improving the overall quality of the product in the long-term.

Honest criticism is as necessary as encouragement.

The anonymity of the internet often makes people pen down rather vitriolic comments.

But don’t react instantly after reading it.

Go through your blog and check for yourself if any of the points are justified.

Successful bloggers are able to identify potential trolls quite easily.

Though these trolls feel that the smokescreen of the internet keeps them same, the blogger can easily see through.

Ignoring irrelevant comments make complete sense.

Once they realize that they fail to make the desired impact, they will take a back seat.

On the other hand, some dedicated viewer may help enrich your blog.

Sometimes they post a certain correction in details.

To accept your fault graciously will not make you any less important in this case.

Instead, it just goes on to emphatically highlight your strength of character.

But your discretion as a blogger is most important while dealing with criticism.

You have to be careful about gleaning through the right amount of criticism.

Leave the husk aside and concentrate on what is relevant.

Don’t be too overwhelmed by the huge outpouring of hatred on your site.

Either ignore it or tackle it intelligently.

That will also send your detractors scampering to safety.

Effective Networking Skills

A successful blogger knows that good content can drive the blog only to a certain extent.

You also need meaningful networking to actually crack the big league.

Often you will see many blog sharing each other’s work.

In very simple language, this is about exposing your readers to new upcoming content.

Guest blogging is another concept that is catching up fast.

In both cases, we see that keen need to generate new content.

Moreover, it is about creating a stir and making your visitors sit up.

At the same time, you are also trying to leverage the goodwill that your partner blogger enjoys.

These are all innovative ways to drive additional traffic and attract new visitors.

For any blog to be successful, this is crucial.

This helps in spreading the word faster and in a meaningful way.

But for this, you must, first of all, nurture a reliable network on contacts.

Carefully keep track of all the new developments in your industry.

Keep a mental check on the new names and the more popular options.

Read their work thoroughly to understand how they are making a difference.

Liaising with them ensures that they start taking interest in your work too.

That will make your blog popular and more successful.

Adding Value & Making A Difference

Often time we look at ourselves as a member of the global community.

One unique streak of most successful bloggers is the depth of community feeling.

Whatever topic they might be working on, it is about how you can make a difference.

Whether it is with your write-up or your network, see how you can make a difference.

The will to help anyone you can often reflect in the writings of successful bloggers.

Even the concept of blogging, if you see, erupts from this basic fact.

Good content is often the direct outcome of the intent to help.

That is often a crucial element and a major strength for successful bloggers.

This motivates them to keep generating meaningful content over an extended period.


Therefore, the answer to what makes you a good blogger is simple.

It is the will to make a difference playing to your strength.

But blogging like most of life is neither black nor white.

Therefore, it becomes important to draw a balance.

Marrying quality writing with strategic placement results in successful blogging.

This is the kind of combination that will help you generate quality content consistently.

Be smart enough to identify what sets you apart.

Mediocrity is never appreciated for the term.

If you want to be successful, spot the uniqueness and capitalize on it.

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