Features of a Good Web Hosting Service for Your Online Business

If you are keen about a successful online business, a good web hosting service is a necessity.

Without a reliable web service, selling your products becomes that much different.

Often the difference between a good and a bad business is the quality of the web hosting service.

But the concept of web hosting is often riddled with jargon.

Entrepreneurs grappling with various other challenges of business get even more confused.

What makes the challenge really difficult is information about it online is very scarce.

But remember that is not going to help your business in any way.

It can even compromise with the overall user experience on your site.

Web HostingYour site may start attracting less and less number of customers as a result.

So, we decided to address this vital issue plaguing the online business.

Here is a quick look at some of the most important features of what comprises a good web hosting service.

These points are calibrated in a way that it can empower you to take an individual decision.

It helps you identify the most critical factors to look for.

That will surely boost your online business in a meaningful way.

Speed Is King

Think about your favorite websites and your experience there.

Often the speed at which the page loads is what attracts you most to the site.

The ease of navigation and the overall experience of browsing through the page stays on.

One of the most important contributors, in this case, is the speed.

In fact, research indicates that this is the single biggest contributor to website popularity.

That is one of the primary points to consider when you are looking for good web hosting services.

Speed brings traction and traffic to any online business.

It creates cohesion and that crucial first impression online.

The average load time for a page with a good web hosting service is less than 1.5 seconds.

This means that customers or visitors to the site would not lose patience.

In case the page takes more than 5 seconds to load, you can lose as much as 50% of your visitors.

Therefore, the server configuration of the host is crucial.

It should be aligned with the content management solution that you are using.

Moreover, the cache strategy is also important, and it must have a strong core.

These can all seem like a big mouthful of jargons.

But remember these are the key elements that you will have to consider.

These determine the actual speed that you are getting.

If all of these parameters match, then you have a top quality web server.

You learn to decide on your own.

If you are serious about the online business, you have to stop believing what others have to say.

That way, you can be better aware of the features of the web hosting service you are choosing.

You can also go a long way in enhancing the service that you are providing.

Check For CDN

Imagine what purpose all that speed will serve if your server faces continuous disruption.

Either the load time varies, or the downtime rises.

Irate viewers who are not able to access your website at their convenience, take business elsewhere.

The result is that your business suffers despite having high speed.

Well, this is exactly the point where CDN steps in.

It takes up the role of a troubleshooter.

That is why, when you are deciding on a good web hosting service, CDN becomes an important decider.

The term CDN refers to a content delivery network.

This is primarily a large networked system that operates in a cooperative mode.

The servers are located at several data centers across the internet.

The main objective of this system is to offer top performance internet service.

The availability to the user is in many ways dependent on this network.

Irrespective of the location of the server, it ensures continuous and seamless connectivity to the user.

So as an online business owner, this becomes your lifeline or link to the potential customer.

Compared to the traditional hosting service, these offer a relatively high-end experience.

Be it delivery of multi-media information or high-resolution imaging, the CDN has introduced a world of difference.

What becomes the icing on the cake is the relative expenses.

It is reliable as well as cost-effective web hosting option.

Faster load time, low risk of downtime are all a function of this.

It will not be wrong to say this network collaboration has completely changed the perception of the internet.

The CDN also reduces potential service disruption due to traffic.

So, all in all, the CDN is that key that makes the speed of your web hosting matter.

It ensures an uninterrupted and continuous viewing experience for visitors.

Tackling The Security Element

But imagine, will all of this matter if your website is prone to getting hacked.

Apart from the damage it does to your online business, think about the user impression.

If the web hosting service provider cannot make the site secure, nothing matters really.

It will send a wrong impression to potential clients, and people may be scared to access it.

This also impacts your credibility to a large extent.

We all know that credibility is the last word in online business.

So, you need to opt for a website host which offers you absolute security.

Your website should be safe 24×7 365 days a year.

Look for web hosting providers with a proven track record in security.

You can also consult friends and colleagues in this matter and the web hosting service they are using.

Web hosting emergencies can happen without prior notice.

You won’t even come to know when some of these happen.

But that is no reason why they should happen.

So you need a tough, well-armed and sophisticated host.

This will make sure that you will not have to press the panic button.

On a day to day basis, the host should be cleaning your website in a comprehensive manner.

They must be responsible and look at re-securing the website in case a breach happens.

Most importantly, your intervention needs to be minimal in this case.

So when you are choosing a web hosting server, make sure you are looking for all these factors.

Ask for each element separately and proceed in a step by step format.

That way, you will be able to decide between two or more options.

This is one aspect where the price or reference should not matter.

Remember you are deciding on the security of your site and business.

Securing Transactions

This is another important security element when you undertake an online business.

This SSL Certification helps in making your online transactions secure.

On an average, most competent web hosting service providers will offer it to you.

They understand that this adds to the credibility of your website and reassured your buyers.

In case this certification is not there, Google will often mark the site and alert users that it is not secure.

On an average, this can be detrimental to your business.

An experienced host will know that this will drive away business.

They essentially will undertake all steps to secure your site and the transactions that customers undertake.

Continuous Technical Support

Think about why at all you need a web hosting service for our online business?

Most times, it is because we do not have the necessary know-how to deal with hosting.

So one thing that you will need is technical support.

So your host needs to be available and should be watching your back 24×7.

Essentially this means, someone who is an expert on all the technical elements involved in your website must be available at all times.

Hosting websites is serious business, and you cannot have an intermittent service module.

You cannot control at what time your customers will access your website.

But at the same time, it is your job to make sure that they have a glitch-free service experience at all times.

It is this web hosting service provider who ensures this for you.

The site is a means of livelihood for you.

It is the backbone of the online business you have created.

Therefore, it is essential that you can access a support team at all times.

Moreover, make sure that the host you choose is well geared to deal with the emergency.

They should be equipped to respond in proper time and provide an appropriate solution.

But most importantly they should be cushioning you against these emergencies.

This is exactly why you need continuous technical support.

This is what averts the possibility of a sudden emergency.

It insulates your website from loss of data and undertakes regular upgrades.

Look for the back-up elements and practices.

That will give you an idea about the emergency preparedness of the web hosting service you are planning to hire.

Also, look for indicators about how vigilant they are in terms of web-monitoring.

The difference in the response time is what makes the difference online.

Compatibility Concerns

Web hosting is a complex medley of connections and network.

Your online business and the elements you need for it will have its own software requirement.

Now it is imperative that this software finds its right match in the hardware that the host is using.

Without it, the website is prone to significantly higher downtime and other operational glitches.

The OS of the host may be compatible with your software.

Otherwise, there might be alternate software that you can incorporate to make it work.

The expenses and time required to make non-compatible hardware and software work is quite high.

In most cases, this is absolutely avoidable.

Before signing a contract, make sure that you have spoken to the host.

Both parties need to be absolutely certain about the hardware and software they are dealing with.

This way, it will rule out potential problems going forward.

Moreover, you can also optimize the quality of service that you get.

In any case, this also establishes clarity of concept and understanding.

Most importantly, you have to learn to make informed choices.

It does not matter if you are not an expert in these technical matters.

But if you are serious about the online business you are pursuing, you will have to understand the basics.

This will also establish a better working relationship with your web hosting service provider.

They will know that they cannot take you for a ride.

On the other hand, you are clear about all the technical requirements.

This also means that if you get a better deal from some other host, you can negotiate better.

Once you understand that basic needs of your own site, your negotiation power also improves.

You have much better chances to negotiate on your terms and get a more lucrative deal.

Check For Vendor Lock-in

A very close friend had a thriving HR coaching business.

He also had a beautifully designed website

His queries were increasing, and he decided to take the website to the next level.

In this context, he realized that his web hosting vendor has cut a rather raw deal for him.

So he decided that it is time to move on and look for a new host.

But to his dismay, he realized that he cannot, he has been locked in by the vendor.

When you are joining the new host, it is obvious that you are not contemplating leaving.

But always be clear about your exit strategy.

Make sure that the terms and conditions are not restrictive.

Additionally, the final administrative rights should always rest with you.

As a proprietor of the online business, you have complete rights on the website.

So make sure the host knows you know it.

These rights will ensure that you are not locked in and can migrate at convenience.

So one of the characteristics of a good web hosting service is complete transparency.

They will undertake only fair dealing with the client.

As an online business entrepreneur, this is extremely important.

This means in case of an emergency, you can take a proactive role to restore the site.

In this way, you will not be at the mercy of the web hosting service provider.

It also speaks for their business ethics and practices.

An efficient and competent web hosting service provider is unlikely to dupe its customers.

So when you are deciding on one, make sure that you are able to establish this fact.

If required, grill them thoroughly, make sure that all the terms and conditions are clear.

Also, do not sign on any policy document without understanding it completely.

Pricing Concerns

Last but not the least, I am sure you will always opt for reasonably priced web hosting service providers.

You get web hosting service for all types of budget.

Some are very cheap, some are very expensive.

But you must not look at the pricing in isolation.

Look for the pricing and the relative value that a host offers.

It is possible that they are giving you a cheaper deal but not offering 50% of the most important services.

On the other hand, someone might be offering double the rate, but providing a wide array of services.

So you have to take a comprehensive view of the entire offer.

Moreover, you also need to ascertain how transparent the offer is.

In this case, you can also ask around.

See the rates that your peers are paying for similar web hosting needs.

That, in effect, will help you get an idea about how worthy the deal is.


Therefore, deciding on the best web hosting service provider is never simple.

You have to pay attention to several factors and make an informed choice.

Most importantly, don’t shy away from the technicalities of the online business.

If you are looking for value investment and fruitful pact with a competent web hosting service provider, you have to undertake thorough research.

That way, you have much better chances to get a competent web hosting service provider for your online business.

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