How to Start a Blog That Makes Money

Blogging is increasingly becoming a source to make money.

People all over the world have started blogging to generate additional income.

It helps offer a vent to your creative instincts and also offer monetary assistance.

The term creative instinct is crucial if you plan to start a blog.

Unlike a lot of other passive income options, the passion and inner need are very important here.

Often that becomes the deciding factor between a great blog and a not so successful one.

BloggingTo start blogging is not that difficult, but what really takes time is to make it sustainable.

This is because there is no sure formula or pre-decided concept to get it right.

For a blog to make money, you need a steady stream of visitors.

But how do you guarantee that?

Well, the easiest option will be to make sure they get something new with every visit.

You need to create that craving, the want for what follows next.

But how do you do that?

You need to constantly look at improving it, creating fresh content and adding value for your readers.

That is one of the first steps to ensure you start a blog that is successful over long-term.

Choose An Appropriate Topic

Before you start blogging, it is important to decide on the topic.

Often how you present a topic, the exact topic you choose decides the degree of traction.

There are some topics which have hit a saturation point.

The market for those topics might be pretty limited now.

The trick, therefore, is identifying issues and topics that are timeless and have an appeal over an extended period.

For example, you may start blogging about the best red carpet look.

When you launch it initially just before the Oscars, it may have great demand.

But after the Oscars, you will have to think about how you can make it topical and relevant.

So be very clear about the topic on which you want to start blogging.

Design the content accordingly around it.

This will help create a definitive focus on the issue for a considerable period.

Moreover, it will make sure that the objective and target of the blog is in place.

Try and add accessories to it that hover around the topic in a perfect manner.

Apart from complimenting your content, this also helps in attracting customers.

Additionally, when you decide on a niche topic, you are creating value for your users.

Your posts can provide the much-needed information that readers have been waiting for.

This also creates a degree of credibility about your understanding and expertise on the issue.

This is why also choose topics on which you can speak with sufficient confidence.

It will ensure that this confidence also oozes in your writing and extends to the readers.

Your confidence then becomes the magnet that attracts more viewers.

More views are equal to more readers and visitors to your site.

That essentially means better success.

Choose Appropriate Platform

The next most crucial factor is where you decide to launch the blog?

Have you wondered why most people who are into serious blogging prefer platforms like WordPress or Medium?

Well, you have to understand that the reliability of the platform is important.

If you choose to launch your blog on a platform with inconsistent server connectivity, you run the risk of losing visitors.

Moreover, established platforms offer a whole lot of fringe benefits too.

Popular microblogging sites help you take advantage of pre-designed templates and acceptable blogging features like managing comments and mailers.

The most important role of a platform is that of a facilitator.

It has to be a site that extends the brand of credibility that you are trying to create.

Therefore, it becomes extremely important that you work with a platform that understands your blogging ethos.

This is what will take forward the association in a meaningful way.

Even if you have to pay a price for launching your website on a particular platform it is worth it.

This is what will assure that you are able to access your blog all the time.

Similarly, your loyal followers too will not face difficulty in accessing your account.

The choice of the platform also directly affects your content marketing initiatives.

Different platforms have varied facilities.

The question is understanding what the best fit is for you at this stage.

That is what will ensure that you get adequate exposure that you are looking for.

Marketing initiatives in a blogging initiative are often underrated.

But the bottom line is that only the right kind of marketing will take forward your blog.

When you are keen about making money from the blog, this is often the most important step.

It sets the overall tone for the blog.

Identify Your Readers’ Preference

When you start a blog to make money, getting a set of loyal readers is crucial.

How do you guarantee that is the key point?

Well, different people have a different take on growing their audience base.

Find out the type of blogs that attract maximum readers.

In case some of your blogs initiate debates on an internet forum, take note.

Do you tend to attract a particularly large group of readers on certain social networking platforms?

Remember all of these points are crucial indicators.

They tell you the kind of blogs that your readers prefer.

More importantly, they tell you about the type of writing that gets accepted the most.

Each one of us has special skills.

For example, my political analysis or a creative piece attracts a lot more readers than a comment on a Physics law.

That means, I get the hint about what my readers are accepting from me.

So, it makes more sense that I generate content that is accepted easily.

The chances of those becoming popular are much higher.

Moreover, it will be far easier for me to make money from such content.

Acceptability and monetary success go hand in hand here.

How To Engage Your Readers?

When you want to make money from blogging, just identifying a reader’s choice is not enough.

Remember a successful blog is also about maintaining a healthy battery of followers.

Regular interaction is crucial for creating a cohesive bank of readers.

So, the question is how do you engage with your reader?

Divide your focus between content and engaging with your readers.

Look at ways to build a fruitful community of followers.

Initiate debates and try and weave your content in the conversation.

That way, your blog promotion does not seem brazen.

It becomes a part of the narrative and readers will accept it more easily.

Respond to comments that they post.

Update your readers on the steps that you may have taken based on their comments.

Moreover, incentivize them for spreading the right word about your website.

Make every sticky reader a medium to popularize your blog.

Think of constructive ways they can add value to your blog and make them a partner in your success.

This way, it gradually helps you build a formidable base of loyal followers.

It also enhances the prospect of potential reader visiting the blog again and again.

This is what helps in creating a sticky blog.

The larger the number of this kind of sticky blogs, the more popular your blog site becomes.

As a result, this also enhances the monetization opportunity for the site.

Whether you talk of attracting ads or paid subscribers, it is this engagement that makes the difference.

It gives the message that you are serious about your blogging initiatives.

You are here to stay for the long run and mean business.

That way, readers are also more open towards accepting a new name.

Remember an engaged reader means access to money a lot easily.

Decide On A Domain Name

When you start blogging, this is one of your first steps.

The name is critical when you are trying to create value in an internet property.

This is because the name is what sets you apart from the rest.

Think of an uncommon and unique name that is striking every time you hear.

But at the same time, make sure that the name is such that readers can easily associate with.

Think about Jamie Oliver’s Naked Chef series initially.

The world did not know about him the way they know today.

But the term chef and a ‘naked chef’ at that aroused the right type of curiosity.

Imagine how strong the brand became in itself that Oliver went to publish books with the same name.

That is the power of an effective name.

It stirs the right type of curiosity and instantly increases the scope to make money.

Often monetizing the blog is about creating value.

This is exactly why the blog and the domain name for it become so important.

It lends an identity and makes the blog a recognizable property.

It leads to a creative cohesion between the writer and the reader.

This is ultimately what helps the blog in becoming monetarily successful.

Decide On Ways Of Generating Income

Thus far, we discussed how to make the blog successful.

When you start blogging, this is no doubt your first step.

But if you are serious about making money, it does not stop there.

Once you ensure a certain number of viewers, followers and audiences, generating the income is the obvious progression.

There are many direct and indirect ways of doing so.

You can call for ads, get into affiliate programs, promote offline business and organize related events.

The question is deciding on what works best for you.

Different blogs will have different needs.

The idea is to match the necessity with the available resources.


When you start blogging, this is often the first source of making money.

This model can be considered similar to how newspaper ads operate.

Advertiser response and willingness are directly proportional to the traffic on your blog site.

You can use Google AdSense or other such facilitators too to generate more ads.

This helps you to connect with lesser known companies.

While the ad rate that they are offering is not as big, but the frequency matters.

When you are starting a blog, remember it will be hard to catch the big fish initially.

Concentrate on generating volumes at this stage.

Ten consistent small ads for 3 months is better than just one big ad in the same period.

This will help you maintain regularity in income from these ads.

Join An Affiliate Network

Data indicates that affiliate programs and networks are working with blogs in a big way.

It is cost-effective, direct, impactful and delivers sustainable gains.

The ease of operation, once you understand the method is also a big plus.

This is what helps in creating a commendable base.

All you have to do is link your concept with a product that might be on sale on another site.

Take Amazon for instance.

They have a well-scripted format for affiliate associations.

That makes the whole concept and the entire exercise relatively easy to operate.

In fact, this also becomes an interesting way to engage readers and retain them.

They tend to start following your suggestions and often provide feedback.

That adds a layer of credibility to your recommendations too.

In many ways, the affiliate program becomes a symbiotic arrangement.

It generates money and readership.

On the other hand for the reader, it gives them access to both information and readers.

Offline Business Promotion

When you start blogging, you can also use it as a means to promote your business.

Instead of affiliating with other sites, you are promoting your product here.

Whether you are providing a service or a product, it does not matter.

The concern here is linking it appropriately with the blog.

It should be done in a way that there is instant connect.

Just reading your blog should be sufficient for readers to subscribe to the service or product.

Paid Subscription

You will notice that most blog platforms assign a lot of importance to the need for generating email leads.

Have you wondered why?

Well, the list of email accounts gives you a real-time understanding of the depth of your reader base.

If you are consistently delivering value to them, they will even agree to a subscription.

It does not have to be a huge amount.

But what is important is people are ready to pay money to read you.

That essentially means you are generating value for them.

That paves the way to make money from your blog consistently.

Organize Events

Let’s say you have a blog on Lego making.

You like creating Lego structures, are passionate about it and offer meaningful advice.

By the dint of your expertise, you have also managed to retain a healthy number of reader.

The next step is then how you can monetize it?

Well, you can surely call for advertisements or affiliate associations.

But you can also organize workshops about Lego making.

You can use social networking sites to promote it and ask your readers to spread the word.

Gradually you will see an increased number of participants for your events.

Sometimes, this can also increase the readers in return.

So, all in all, you strike gold.

You are able to follow your passion and blog about it as well as make money too.


Therefore, when you start a blog, it is very important to have a clear objective.

This is what will help you take your blog forward and generate interest in it.

That’s what helps you in building a reader base and a battery of followers.

This is important for not just popularizing your blog but also helping make money.

Making money on a blog is all about monetizing your passion.

So if you are serious about generating income, start a blog that addresses your passion.

In this way, you can earn money from blogging in a convenient way.

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