The Difference Between Recruiting Versus Sponsoring

Amateurs vs Professionals

Amateurs Recruit…Professionals do things a bit different!


I’ve been afforded an opportunity to hear Dominic Curry talk about this topic.  He said that in school we’re told to succeed, but we’re taught to fail.

Copy professionals and mimic what they do, and you’ll be more likely to succeed as well.  Find a great mentor and go to work!

Discover how to  become a Network Professional because it will make the difference between having a job for the rest of your life and creating a legacy.

A Vivid Example of The Difference Between Recruiting and Sponsoring

Have you ever been recruited into the Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps?  When you when to Bootcamp, did you see any Recruiters?

Exactly!  Recruiters will bring you in and then you will never see them again.  They’re only focused on their number.

People don’t want a Recruiter!  People want a Sponsor!

A Sponsor will help you evolve and become who you need to become in order to develop success.

Now that you have come across the concepts of recruiting and sponsoring and want to understand the core difference between them, let’s just try to understand them one by one and get ourselves educated with the difference.

We need to understand their advantages as well as disadvantages. First of all, we need to understand that these both are totally different concepts.

Recruiters are the people who would just bring you in, and you would never be seeing them again.

Goodbye Recruiters!

Whereas you will evolve alongside a sponsor, and he/she would help you at every step in order to achieve success.

So would you prefer a recruiter or a sponsor?

The choice is up to you.

Now that we have understood the basic meaning of both the terminologies, we will dig a little deeper and get ourselves familiar with the recruiting and sponsoring concepts in Network Marketing.

First of all, if you don’t know much about network marketing or multi-level marketing, we need to help you get familiar with the entire concept.

What is Multilevel Marketing (Network Marketing)?

Let’s try to understand it with an example. Let’s just suppose you have started your own business and would like to sell your products to a huge amount of people.

But How?

One of the most effective strategies is the concept of Multilevel Marketing. You can sell all of your products and just empty up all of your stocks.

All you need to do is give some share of your profits to the people who sell your products.

That’s the concept of Multilevel Marketing. Companies just encourage their existing distributors to recruit some more distributors who would sell their products, and in return, they are simply paid a certain amount of commission for their services.

People just make a lot of money through it and is considered to be a very effective strategy.

One of the examples you could take into consideration is Amway.

Amway is a company that sells health and home care products with the help of a multi-marketing strategy.

Now that we have understood the basic concept of Multilevel marketing, we now are going to shift our focus to the terms “recruiting” and “sponsoring” and just try to understand the basic difference.

What is Recruiting?

Recruiting for business is not as friendly as compared to sponsoring. Recruiting and sponsoring are totally different concepts.

Recruiting is more about looking after self. You will just be brought in by some recruiter and would never see him again.

They will leave your training at the hands of a totally different person. That’s the recruiter’s only job. You are on your own now.

It’s more of a self-serving process. Recruiters will make you sign up, fill a form, bring you in and carry on their search for the next one.

In Multilevel marketing, if you are a recruiter, you can build yourself a network by simply recruiting some people and ride on the track of success. The core points of recruiting are :

    • Gain
    • Build
    • Sign
    • Enroll
    • Win over
    • Retrieve

What is Sponsoring?

 Sponsoring is a totally different concept. You just don’t leave the people on their own here.

Sponsors spend some of their valuable time with the distributors.  They are focused on helping their distributors.

A sponsor would create and develop a game plan for their distributors and help them promote their business so that they would be able to start earning instantly. They would want to ensure that the people under them successful.

They don’t make everything about themselves. They take your responsibility and educate as well as mentor you. They want to watch the sights of you growing to massive heights. It’s more of a partnership.

The core points of sponsoring are :

    • Advocate
    • Support
    • Take Responsibility
    • Guarantee
    • Promote

Difference Between The Two Terms

Would you prefer being mentored by the person who knows a lot about the business and improve yourself under their guidance, or would you prefer not to learn anything much and keep doing the work?

If you try to put some focus on the question, it would alone be enough to help you understand the basic difference.

Sponsors are personally responsible for the new participants. They have a good understanding of the business.

They educate the people about their products and mentor them all along the way as they start with their sales.

It’s more like caring and education. It’s a total win-win situation.

Whereas, in recruitment, we know that it’s all about just bring the people in and just let them start on with their work.

It’s something cool in the start, but it ends worse. You won’t like the way it ends. The people are not able to learn something new, and they just want to get their work done without observing any kind of growth.

In Network Marketing, the sponsors take you under their wings and guide you at every step in order to allow you to become a better salesperson and improve your range of sales. Whereas, in recruiting, you would just observe failure in the end.


If you would just ask me about choosing one option, I would simply go with the term “sponsoring.”

In the end, I am all about developing my skills and leading a better life instead of just working like a machine, which is the biggest disadvantage in the case of recruiting.

If you were able to be given a Blueprint to having success, would you want it?

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